LASER THERAPY Treatments in london

During this pain-free treatment, the laser therapy will increase blood circulation, whilst drawing water, oxygen, and nutrients to the damaged areas. This creates an optimal healing environment which reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness and pain. The damaged areas reclaim their normal function, pain is relieved, and health is restored.

A Laser therapy treatment session is up to 12 minutes. This is down to the power and effectiveness of the treatment.

Anymore can cause over stimulation of the patients body. Primarily our practitioners focus on 2 areas of the body during each treatment session.

Your bodies response to Laser therapy will vary based on: The type of injury problem, whether it is acute or chronic and other health problems such as diabetes. Acute cases can take up to 4 weeks to respond with chronic cases taking a little longer at around 6 weeks. 

Laser Therapy is extremely effective at treating: 


Knee Pain & Knee Arthritis


Lower Back Pain & Sciatica


Shoulder Pain & Frozen Shoulder


Tendinitis & Tendon Problems


Muscle Injuries & Tears

K-laser Will help treat your injury by:

Reduce inflammation
Advanced Pain relief
Strengthen collagen
Accelerate healing
Tissue Repair
Neovascularisation (new growth of blood vessels)
Transitions scar tissue into healthy muscle tissue
Improves range of motion
Regeneration of skin, muscle, tendons, ligament, bone, nerve and disc tissue.
Beneficial for diabetic neuropathy and diabetic ulcers

Laser Therapy is a process which accelerates your bodies natural functions to up-regulate the healing process. The K Laser is a class 4 Laser, delivering far superior results and more powerful than other laser modalities. Advanced lasers creates faster healing times, faster results and most importantly, patient satisfaction. The K laser comes pre-programmed, to create fast effective results, in key specific areas ensuring your safety

The laser operates using different wavelengths of light, which specifically interact with targeted structures in your body. The main molecule targeted is Cytochrome C, which is located in the mitochondria of your cells. As Cythochrome C interacts with the laser, the electron transport chain is stimulated thus producing more energy for the cell. So far more than 3000 studies have been completed on laser therapy indicating its therapeutic benefits.

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"It worked - and faster than I could have dreamt possible. I had a chronic groin injury which had suddenly started getting worse. With a few weeks of physio from these guys it was completely healed and I had 100% flexibility back. Not only that but they were able to greatly speed up my recovery from a knee injury. I was told it would take a year to get over by NHS but now I'm walking on it normally and able to dance and work out with almost no limitations. I am now fitter and better educated than when I walked into the clinic and will be using what I learned from this process in my ongoing fitness. Put bluntly, these guys are worth it."

David Hess, 40, London

“My name is Farid, I’ve been coming to Fit2Function for three months now having previously been to so many places. I tried everything acupuncture, massage, osteopaths, you name it. When I first came to Fit2Function, I had a high 8/10 pain but with the help of Laser Therapy and Shockwave Therapy I am almost back to normal. I feel better and I am now able to work out in the gym two times per week with no limitations. I would recommend Fit2Function clinic to everyone with lower back pain. It’s the best thing to do for your health and good luck to everybody.”

Farid Hamjab, 52, London

"I found out about Fit2function clinic through Instagram and I contacted them because I had Sciatica and shoulder pain. I ended up taking two treatments to deal with both the sciatica and shoulder pain. I couldn't move my arm and the pain used to wake me up during the night. We've started with Shockwave Therapy and Laser Therapy to reduce the pain and kick start the healing. From not being able to move my arm, I now have full function, no pain at all and able to play Handball and Volleyball again"

Liliana Silva, 30, London

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