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Welcome To Fit2Function Physiotherapy & Sports Injury clinic

Welcome to fit2function clinics, Specialists in injury treatment

At our London Injury Clinic, We have experienced Physiotherapists & Sports Therapists ready to help reduce your pain and recover from injury. We combine extensive research, advanced training and 20 years of experience, to diagnose the root cause of your pain and transition you back to full recovery.

At Fit2Function Clinics, our London injury clinic, we combine advanced treatments with specific exercise rehabilitation, to help people throughout London recover from persistent injuries. Over the past 6 years we have helped 95% of our patients see long term pain relief. We ensure that your experience with us is flawless, promising elite level care & customer service throughout.


In house & online Physiotherapy treatments with our experienced London professionals.

Laser therapy

Laser Therapy is a process which accelerates your bodies natural functions to up-regulate the
healing process.

Shockwave Therapy

During the treatment, the treatment head will use small controlled impacts to break down scar tissue, increase blood circulation and aid in tissue repair. 

exercise rehabilitation

In house strengthening appointments at our London injury clinic, to provide long term relief.

ems therapy

EMS is a new advanced treatment using controlled electrical currents to stimulate a desired response from the human body.

Vibration Therapy

Theragun & Hypervolt treatment tools used to stimulate blood flow, decrease muscle tension & relieve pain.


"It worked - and faster than I could have dreamt possible. I had a chronic groin injury which had suddenly started getting worse. With a few weeks of physio from these guys it was completely healed and I had 100% flexibility back. Not only that but they were able to greatly speed up my recovery from a knee injury. I was told it would take a year to get over by NHS but now I'm walking on it normally and able to dance and work out with almost no limitations. I am now fitter and better educated than when I walked into the clinic and will be using what I learned from this process in my ongoing fitness. Put bluntly, these guys are worth it."

David Hess, 40, London

“My name is Farid, I’ve been coming to Fit2Function for three months now having previously been to so many places. I tried everything acupuncture, massage, osteopaths, you name it. When I first came to Fit2Function, I had a high 8/10 pain but with the help of Laser Therapy and Shockwave Therapy I am almost back to normal. I feel better and I am now able to work out in the gym two times per week with no limitations. I would recommend Fit2Function clinic to everyone with lower back pain. It’s the best thing to do for your health and good luck to everybody.”

Farid Hamjab, 52, London

"I found out about Fit2function clinic through Instagram and I contacted them because I had Sciatica and shoulder pain. I ended up taking two treatments to deal with both the sciatica and shoulder pain. I couldn't move my arm and the pain used to wake me up during the night. We've started with Shockwave Therapy and Laser Therapy to reduce the pain and kick start the healing. From not being able to move my arm, I now have full function, no pain at all and able to play Handball and Volleyball again"

Liliana Silva, 30, London

George has helped me so much over the last few weeks, treating a hamstring injury and creating a strengthening program to make sure it doesn’t happen again! Treatment allowed me to run pain-free almost immediately and the specific strength exercises have meant lasting results. He has made my first injury rehab / physio experience a positive one and although I’m doing everything I can to avoid another injury, I’ll definitely be back should I have an issue.

Beatrice Bowlby, 24, London

I recently had a few sessions at this physio clinic, and I have to say, it was an outstanding experience. George was absolutely fantastic - not only was he extremely knowledgeable, but he also had a genuine care for my well-being. He provided insightful advice and effective treatments that have significantly helped with my knee issues. I truly appreciate the personalized approach and the dedication to my recovery. I definitely recommend this clinic to anyone in need of physiotherapy. Their professionalism and expertise are top-notch!

Enrico Contaldo, 29 London

Very impressed by the effectiveness of the treatment. I chose to see Anna given her background as an athlete - she was a pleasure to interact with and was on point with diagnosis and mix of therapy and exercise which had my lower back in a much better place very quickly. I also have to travel a lot with work and her advice was practical and tailored well to my circumstances. Would thoroughly recommend her and I know exactly where to go if I have any future issues. Thank you!!

Steven Heanly, 45, London

I went to Fit2Function and worked with Anna for 7 sessions. I had a knee injury that had been causing my problems for years & after just 1 month I'm on track to get back to 100%. She was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend her & Fit2Function for any sports physiotherapy you need.

Oscar Davies, 24, London

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If you're ready to book an assessment & treatment for your injury, at our London clinic, just click the button below, otherwise if you'd like to discuss anything with us prior to booking we can be reached on 02071 172076 between 8am & 8pm or via email at anytime and we'll get back to you asap!

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